Something Even Better | A Coaching Podcast

Email marketing for life coaches: The best tips to sign clients and grow your list

May 23, 2022 Stacie Mitchell Season 2 Episode 19
Something Even Better | A Coaching Podcast
Email marketing for life coaches: The best tips to sign clients and grow your list
Show Notes

When I was a life coach focused on burnout, email marketing helped fill my 1:1 and group programs more than any other method. And there’s evidence to support that it’s a much more effective marketing method than almost any other out there, with a higher conversion rate than social media.

I love email marketing – especially for coaches – because it allows you to get a bit more personal. You can share stories you might not feel comfortable sharing elsewhere. You can slowly build trust over time. And your email subscribers aren’t expecting you to send them an email every day, and you’re not penalized for not being active every single day like you are on social media. 

In today’s podcast, I dig deep into email marketing, specifically for coaches, and how effective it can be in signing new clients, while touching on these topics:

  • Why every life coach (or any coach!) needs email marketing
  • How to create a freebie that your ideal clients actually want
  • Why I love MailerLite for email marketing for life coaches
  • Where to share your email opt-in
  • The next step in your email marketing: Your welcome sequence
  • How to sign coaching clients from email marketing

Check out the blog post for this podcast, which includes links to extra resources and a full email example.

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