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Pre-TCC: Lessons from a "failed" launch

March 08, 2021 Stacie Mitchell Episode 14
The Consistent Coach Podcast
Pre-TCC: Lessons from a "failed" launch
The Consistent Coach Podcast
Pre-TCC: Lessons from a "failed" launch
Mar 08, 2021 Episode 14
Stacie Mitchell

You don’t want to miss this episode where Stacie opens up about her failed launch, the lessons she learned, and what it means for her business moving forward.

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Book mentioned in the podcast: The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

Show Notes Transcript

You don’t want to miss this episode where Stacie opens up about her failed launch, the lessons she learned, and what it means for her business moving forward.

Come follow Stacie on Instagram @staciemitchell

Book mentioned in the podcast: The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

Hello my lovely listeners, I'm jumping on because I forgot to include something really important that I wanted to add to the beginning of my episode.

In the episode, I talk about my failed launch and I talk about how when I let things go, I sold just under $9k in coaching in 23 days.

I wanted to provide extra context for that. I want to say: I did not have a $9,000 month. I contracted $9,000 worth of coaching in February in 23 days.

But what that actually means: my income in February was just under $6k. I wanted to be super transparent about it.

I also want to share, my expenses for this year will likely be about $1k/month, which includes coaching, business programs, my virtual assistant and other expenses. That would be bring my February income down to $5k in profit -- before taxes. 

I just want to pull back the curtain and be transparent. I hope you enjoy the episode. And if you have any questions, feel free to DM me over on Instagram @staciemitchell.


Hello and welcome to another episode of Burned Out to Biz Boss! I’m excited to get back to my roots and record an episode with just me, myself, and I! It’s funny because I asked my followers on Instagram what they most wanted, and while you enjoy my interviews, you really wanted more Stacie-only episodes, so that’s what we’ll be doing almost exclusively from now on.

Before we get into the episode, I want to talk about my free Masterclass How to Get Clients that I’ll be hosting inside my Facebook group on March 29th at 5 pm Eastern. This is going to get into ALLLL the different strategies you can use to get clients, without any sleaziness or slime involved! If you’ve ever wondered if you can get clients without constantly being glued to social media, this is a workshop you don’t want to miss!

But now….I just want to say that so much has happened since I recorded my last “Just me” episode: 

I actually had to go back and look at the date of my last only-me episode and it was August 1, 2020! THAT IS JUST BANANAS!

In case you missed it, since August, I’ve hit multiple months making 5-6k, which has really blown my mind AND I put in notice at my job and officially went full-time in my business in mid-January.

I’d be lying to say I don’t sometimes pinch myself to make sure it’s all real, because it feels so surreal to be living this life and working with dream clients.

It’s almost important to mention that I have niched in further. Instead of being just a burnout coach, I am now a business mentor for burned out employees wanting to quit their jobs to become their own bosses and do work they love on their own terms.

This was both a hard and easy decision, because I had started doing business mentoring on the side in September and LOVED it and I felt very pulled to go in this direction, and honestly, it’s been really successful.

But before we get into that success, I want to talk about earlier this month, I experienced what some would call a “failed launch.” I’m talking about this WAY sooner than most business coaches would ever share with their audiences for some very good reasons:

One being: I discovered I don’t really love the idea of launching in the way that it’s taught now. It’s almost like we’re taught to set ourselves on fire to keep our ideal clients warm, for lack of a better analogy, ha!

I actually really enjoyed my launch, but what I didn’t enjoy was this pressure to sell every day and to show up every day.

And I didn’t like the pressure I’d put on myself to hit my goal quickly.

And another: I really want to normalize what success looks like in business. Too often, business coaches don’t share their stories like this until it’s been a full year out, because I think they probably worry that their potential clients might see it as a flaw, like they don’t know what they’re doing. But I don’t think that’s true. In fact, I think my failed launch was actually a success, but it definitely didn’t feel that way at the time, and I want to normalize those feelings for everyone.

But first, let me take a step back. You might be new to entrepreneurship and be thinking, “But what even is a launch?” 

In this scenario that I’m talking about today, a launch is basically doing something special or extra to bring more eyes to a program or service you are offering. It’s basically offering something special, usually for free, so you can then sell your program or offer to your audience. I see it most often with group programs, but you can technically use it for anything. Basically you want to create a buzz!

With that in mind, In January, I decided to create something brand new for my audience: a 5 day challenge. I packed that challenge full of value, did live video trainings, gave people homework and feedback, and truly put my heart and soul into it. I’d created a goal to get 6 new 1:1 clients and that would book out my 1:1 coaching until July.

But even though people were getting really amazing results in the challenge, and I was getting tons of social proof and really high engagement, in the week that followed, I only got 2 applications. And I’ll be honest, I was really pretty gutted by it.

Because really and truly: I fully 100% believed that getting 6 clients would be super easy. I believed in the program and in the challenge, and couldn’t figure out why people weren’t applying. 

But then I took a step back. And I realized I was trying to force it to happen too quickly.

There’s this saying that even if you fully believe something is yours, the universe won’t give it to you if you can’t already handle what you have.

And that’s what was happening.

I’m embarrassed to even admit this, but I ran the 5 day challenge just a week after I went full time in my business.

I was feeling impatient to prove that the business would work, that I could easily make enough money to support myself, and I felt like I had to have a big, flashy launch for that to be true. And because the universe really doesn’t like to be forced into anything, it basically burped in my face in return.

Now, I want to say, I booked a DREAM of a client the week after the challenge which I am so freaking happy to be working with, but I also walked away from that launch week wondering if I even had any right calling myself a business mentor at all. 

And I want to share this because so many times, we think imposter syndrome is something that goes away as we become more outwardly successful, but it actually doesn’t. Everyone still struggles whether you’re brand new, or you’re firmly established.

I’ll be honest that there were a couple of moments where I seriously questioned whether I knew what I was doing. 

I knew I believed in the program, I knew I believed in the challenge, and I knew I believed in my goal and that it was possible. 

And so I was confused, and honestly, I felt a bit of despair. I had done all of the so-called right things, but where were my clients?

But as I mentioned, I suspect the universe knew that I wasn’t really ready yet. And thus, my clients weren’t ready either.

And in the midst of all this, I also felt this sense that it didn’t need to be so hard. I was sick of my ego telling me that it had to be a certain way for my business to be successful.

My ego was telling me that this launch was everything. That if I could just reach the huge goal I’d set that I’d feel better. That I wouldn’t feel like an imposter. That I’d feel validated in my decision to quit my job.

And honestly, I planned so well that it wasn’t even about the money. It was truly about validating my business and my abilities as a business mentor. And I suspect that God or the universe, whatever you believe, if you do believe, was saying, “Nuh-uh...that’s not how this works….you have to validate yourself first.”

And so I decided to start listening to myself more. I decided to stop following my carefully crafted launch plan. I decided to follow my intuition. And I decided that my business was a success whether or not the launch failed. 

I surrendered to what was supposed to happen vs. demanding that it happen on my timeline.

And then the magic happened.

When I stopped forcing it, I had little pings of intuition about what to do. 

If you watch my Instagram stories, a couple of weeks ago, I kept having this pull to offer a shorter, less intense 1:1 program. And I sent an email about it on a Monday morning, and immediately within about 5 minutes, I signed a dream of a client. 

And a couple weeks later, I had the same ping to offer that program to someone who’d expressed interest in working with me before, and again, I had a new client.

And then another client.

And another.

And suddenly, I realized I’d sold almost $9,000 in coaching in 23 days without even trying that hard.

And during all this, I think it’s interesting to note that I have been reading The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer, which is this amazing story of how life unfolded perfectly for him when he stopped forcing what he wanted to happen, and instead surrendered to the flow of life.

And there’s a quote from the book I want to share because I think it so perfectly summarizes my own experiences in the first month of being in business full time:

“Am I better off making up an alternate reality in my mind and then fighting with reality to make it be my way, or am I better off letting go of what I want and serving the same forces of reality that managed to create the entire perfection of the universe around me?”

I think we know the answer to that question.

So often, we try to force things into being, instead of allowing them to unfold in the exact way they are supposed to.

I wouldn’t go back and have a so-called successful launch if I had the choice.

My failed launch, if you can call it that, showed me that I want to let go of the reins, because holding on so tightly isn’t fun for anyone. And it doesn’t even have to be that way.

Now I’m not saying to throw all strategy and planning out of the window, but I AM saying it’s important to not allow your expectations of how things will go to ruin the perfect way they’re meant to unfold for you.

I’m sure I’ve shared this before, but there’s this really amazing quote by Byron Katie that I love to use with myself and with my clients:

“When I argue with reality, I lose—but only 100 percent of the time.”

And what this quote means is that when we are constantly wishing things were different than we are, we lose the perfectness of the moment in front of us.

I could have taken the lack of program applications the week after my challenge as a sign to just give up.

I could have believed my thoughts that I didn’t know what I was doing.

I could have hid away and decided to never sell anything again.

I could have kept fighting against the reality of the situation and saying, “But WHY ME? I did everything I was supposed to!”

But instead, I said, “Okay, that didn’t go as planned, but what can I learn from this?”

And here’s what I learned: I can’t force things to happen before they’re ready to happen. And the real miracle here: I don’t actually WANT to.

Because standing here now, I realize that everything is happening for me, in its own time, for my own growth and learning. 

Remember how I said I didn’t love the way the launch felt? Here’s what could have happened if I’d gotten those 6 clients immediately. 

I probably would have said to myself, “I didn’t love that, but it worked, so I’m going to do it again…” Or I didn’t love that but who cares...I got what I wanted...let’s move on. Therefore, missing alllll the lessons and reflection I needed to keep growing my business in a way that feels really good to me.

This morning, I sat down and planned out my new launch strategy for a super special program I’m working on. And instead of looking to the experts, I looked within. I kept asking, “How can this be easy and feel good for me?” I crafted MY perfect plan using my own intuition and following my own rules. 

And it’s funny because this new program doesn’t follow any rules either, and I am so glad to be doing things my own way, instead of following all of the so-called formulas. Because then it’s just for me and my clients. 

And now there’s no sense of urgency to prove anything. It’s just excitement about the souls that get to join, but there’s no forcefulness behind them joining it.

So let’s get into applying this to your own life:

Where are you fighting against reality? 

Are you wishing you could quit your job every day? Are you obsessing over getting clients? Are you making yourself sick with stress over making your business work?

Or are you forcing yourself into a box? Making yourself do “all the things” the experts say you have to do to be successful?

What would happen if you let go? What would happen if you allowed yourself to surrender?